My test report about todays run in PP

So here is my test report about todays run in PP. First - the Boss needs some gap closer (jump or something to pull soldiers) or like a mother queen - spawn other units. Second - sometimes the map generator spawns multiple boxes in one place or map is the same. Third - other bugs and not working correctly things . Tickets made. In general a really good and working pre-alpha build. Thx devs for your work! I hope there is coming more and bigger

That was what the original queen had, spawning little hatchlings (multiple a turn) until you destroyed the stomach (or which part was spawning them).

The boss is a bit easy, the first run I did though FF I ended up clearing all the crabmen and just had the queen and the sniper left… so I just shot off the legs and kited it around the map :slight_smile: Going forward with mutations and more parts added it’s not a viable strategy I expect…

the other thing is that she cant pass some places on the map (getting stuck) and you actualy can kite here around with a jack pack