Backer build feedback

i think armor on the enemies might be a bit over tuned. after a couple rounds on fort and random maps a few things ive seen that make me feel this way are

  1. assult unit one diagnal square from a crab man with its back to him, all bullets hit and did a whole 3 out of 11 possible damage to the health bar

  2. shot queen with rocket launcher, did 3 dmg and shreded 2 armor, figured i got unlucky threw a grenade and had even worse results, followed up with the next rocket shot the next turn and had similar results… by the time all grenades / rockets were used i had done less than 8 damage and had shreded a total of 6 armor and had 1 bleed on her.

  3. crab man in a random map with gun / shield tossed a grenade at it did 2 damage, shreded 1 armor, no bleeds…

  4. multiple occasions in fort map, its taken 3 of my squad of 4 to kill a single enemy, who can easily hit and do over half of one of my teams health every turn… its possible im just really unlucky, but the targeting system my units seems to be absolute garbage almost every time i play

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