My Broken 100% stealth killing machine infiltrator build guide

lf you are having a hard time playing this game in late game like me because of the unbalanced enemy mechanics, unbalanced Mission mechanics or cannot make progress in the game because of other reason,since the game mechanics is not fair,why are we the only ones playing it fair,l hope this guide can help you make progress and make you start having fun again.

(Don’t tell unstableVoltage and Julian gollop about this,they will get salty and jealous about it just keep it between you and me) lol

My infiltrator build is a 100% stealth close range shotgun assault multi class build,l was able to do lone wolf in most missions killing those stupid enemies and destroy the spawnery in the lair with this build,if you are interested please continue reading

Quick summary:



Content to recruit a inflitrator to reach 100% stealth perfect inflitrator build
4.inflitrator disadvantage, enemy target priority(the list)
5. Avoid those no matter what

Basic:What is a 100% stealth infiltrator means?

lt means that your infiltrator will never be revealed on the map and become a target of the ground unit enemy that is using weapons and melee attack,but lt will alert them into your position,once you start firing and keep moving around your infiltrator,Also there are some enemies you still need to be careful of.(list in 4.2)

1.(How to recruit a infiltrator?)

The infiltrator unit is from the synedrion faction,ln order to recruit a lnfiltrator from the synedrion elite training centre,you need to past over 25% in dipomacy by first doing the heaven defense mission and then you must complete the final mission to past 25% percentage in dipomacy,once you reach 25% in dipomacy,it will reveal all the synedrion heaven on the map,some of the synedrion heaven will start building the elite training centre,then wait for the elite training centre,it should take 9 days to be build,then you can recruit a inflitrator from it


If you have a random solider with the thief perk,you can try to convert it into a inflitrator by pasting over 50 relationship in synedrion diplomacy to unlock the styx armor and the inflitrator double class training research project as a gift from synedrion for the new class ability and the armor to have a inflitrator

Of course,there are more ways to obtain the styx armor and the research to build a inflitrator,this is my knowledge for now

2.(how to reach 100% stealth)

l know you must be curious,here is how:

the infiltrator has a base of 25% stealth in the start plus the already equipped styx armor provide 50% stealth,so a normal infiltrator with the armor should have 75% stealth,the remaining 25% is from a rare ability call thief,it give you a extra 25% stealth but since it is a rare ability,so you may have to load a few times of your save file to recruit the exact right one with the thief ability from the synedrion heaven

3.(let me introduce you my perfect infiltrator build)(weapon, ability,perks,multi class,sp points build and some useful combination)

3.1 (Important abilities and perks):
There are three ability that l found is the most important for your infiltrator in 100% stealth:

1.surprise attack
lt deal 3 times the damage if you fire to the enemy from behind,this should be easy to get behind the enemy back,since you are in 100% stealth

2.sneak attack(final ability to unlock)
lt give double damage to your weapon if your infiltrator is in concealment since your infiltrator must be in 100% stealth,this is very useful

  1. vanish
    lt let your infiltrator move 5 tiles and disappear from the view untill next turn,but why do you need this, because this is a insurance plan for some unknown reason the chiron can fire on you and the worms can explode near you even you are in 100% stealth,using vanish can let you get closer or away from them without them spotting you

3.2 (The best weapon for infiltrator)

3.2.1.The best weapon is not the poison crossbow

Don’t use the poison crossbow because it had a limited ammo capacity of three,you will run out of ammo quickly,if you want your infiltrator to lone wolf a mission

3.2.2.(The best weapon is the phoenix point mercy SG3 shotgun)(ignore the not proficient sign)

Because it is a close range combat weapon,since your infiltrator are 100% stealth,lt should be easy to sneak up on them and a put a shotgun on their head,each bullet deal 40 damage and with the surprise attack and the sneak attack perks at the same time,it can one shot most of the enemy,a Chiron should take 2 shots to kill on the battlefield.

Each shotgun magazine have 6 shots

Also remember to equip 5 or 6 shotgun magazine if you want to do lone wolf because there may be a lot of enemy unit on the battlefield

3.3.3 (the Best multi class for infiltrator is the assault class for now)

Because l think the assault class have many useful ability such as


Dash can let you get closer to your enemy

2.Ready for action

let you reload your shotgun for free action

3.rapid clearance

let you recover 2 action point for each enemy killed untill end of the turn

3.3.4 (My best combination is dash+rapid clearance)

When your infiltrator open fire from the shotgun,it will alert all the enemies into your position,when they are close to you,use rapid clearance to recover action point to clear as much enemy as possible then use dash to get closer to the other enemy,this should wipe out any enemy that is close to you in one turn

3.3.5 (solider stats point spending)

Since my infiltrator build is a close range unit,l suggest you to spend more points on willpower to perform more special ability and speed so you can move closer and quicker near the enemy.

4.(inflitrator disadvantage,priority target and dangerous, annoying enemy priority list)

4.1 (inflitrator disadvantage)

After you learn how to build the perfect inflitrator,lt doesn’t mean you can just go rampage to kill everything in your path.

There are some enemies that still post a threat to your inflitrator,even you are in 100% stealth when you alert those priority enemies, they will immediately open fire on you or cause annoyance to your inflitrator

(Take out priority target)

When you enter the map always remember to kill those priority target first and keep a eye out on them,before they are alerted, otherwise they may kill your infiltrator or cause some annoyance.(The priority list is in 4.2)

When there are multiple priority target on the battlefield,you can use vanish ability to disappear from the view for one turn after you kill your first priority targrt,so the other priority enemy won’t get alerted and target you,then you can quickly approach them using dash and eliminate them

4.2(Here is a List of dangerous and annoying enemies priority target list)
(you will need to take out first)

1.siren(psychic scream ability)

If you alert a psychic scream ability siren near your inflitrator position,it will use the psychic scream ability every single round reducing your inflitrator will power to 0 making you lose control to your inflitrator ,it is even worst when there are two of them

2.chiron(Must terminate first)

When you alert a Chiron it will immediately fire upon on you for some unknown reason,the goo Chiron make your inflitrator immoblise for a period of time,but the explosive bomb abdomen chiron can deal actual damage from it’s bombs,if the bombs land accurate enough it can kill the infiltrator immediately,be careful of those worms Chiron,because they can launch worms that are deadly to the inflitrator worm and acid worm

lf you alert a fire worm and a acid worm to your position,it will explode itself near your inflitrator dealing fire or acid damage on your inflitrator.

5.(Avoid these no matter what)

1.Going into the mist

Standing in the mist will reveal your position to all the enemies on the battlefield resulting getting shoot down by ground unit immediately

  1. Going near unhatched eggs in the lair

Going near unhatched eggs will alert all the enemies into your position for some unknown reason,the worst is there must be at least one chiron and a few sirens in the lair

3.shoot the terror sentinel in the lair

lf you shoot the terror sentinel,it will alert the terror sentinel making it prepare the psychic scream ability next round dropping your solider will power to 0 making you lose control to your infiltrator similar to the siren psychic scream ability,plus it have a lot of health making it hard to kill ,just ignore them and move in a different direction to advance

4.rush to the final boss alone

For some reason,the final boss have psychic ability that deal over 100 damage to your inflitrator even in 100% stealth,this is where I am struck in

If they do care about this game by doing the update and fix the unfair game mechanics,it means l don’t need to use and depend on this build anymore in order to make progress and have fun in the game,but if they just ignore the problem,don’t worry lt means they will never remove this and nerf this build,l will continue to use this build and recommend you to use it

So,here is my tips,ideas and build,what do you think about it,you can share your infiltrator build or tips with me if you want

l am wondering why should l have only one 100% stealth inflitrator when l can convert the theft ability solider into inflitrator and recruit more inflitrator to make a army of 100% stealth inflitrator

That’s alot of text for something quite easy to figure :stuck_out_tongue:

I run only stealth squads now. Any infiltrator with 25% stealth bonus perk will be assault, the rest sniper. Quite a breeze. The only thing to watch out for is AoE artillery and mist machines. I think stealth mechanic needs a revision.

List of OP Classes:

  • Assault
  • Sniper
  • Priest
  • Inflitrator
  • Berserker
  • Heavy
  • Engineer

You stopping yourself from playing the game, on you.

Is Engineer OP though? xD

Oh, I guess they have the infinite attack thing.

60 Dmg with 10 burst. Usable 6 times turn 1 (3600 dmg). And 3-4 times every other turn.

Seems fine.

I think stealth is a false good idea for combats. Either it’s hard to control and merge well with combats but then is frustrating for most players because it’s not a safe tool. Either it will break any combat design.

Have some discretion elements, is good but up to a stealth gameplay isn’t matching combats. And for stealth combats it ends be too basic.

I don’t know. I finished that particular game and it was a cake walk till the end. If it works well it’s a pretty “good idea” in my books. Obviously you do still need damage to get rid of AoE artillery quickly… which Stealth Snipers and New Jerico weapons provided plenty of.

So me playing through the game with a certain strategy of my choosing is “stopping myself from playing the game” ? You gotta explain that one xD

Do you think the final mission ( the palace) was too difficult because the game spawn too many enemies in the front gate at the same time?

No it was difficult because of this stupid permanent dot debuff that the dude applies every round on someone else, ignoring stealth, LOS and distance. Here the enemy cheesed for once. It was doable when I realized I need to rush it.

Sorry,l don’t understand what you are talking about,since l was in stealth the whole time,are you talking about the final boss yuggothian entity ability


The Gate Keepers were easy.

I’m actually not sure how to do this without that stealth squad but I’m about to find out in my next campaign using Priest/Berserker troops only :smiley:

Is this really a “must”? I suppose it only helps you to look for more training centers, but you may also be below of that 25 attitude to recruit infiltrator from Synedrion. Or am I wrong?

What is more important you need to steal Infiltrator tech from Synedrion to be able to train more of your soldiers as infiltrators.

It is daze damage so it doesn’t help much when you are constantly hidden

I suppose you mean by that early in the game. If you plan to dual-class into assault then soldier will become proficient eventually. And there are better shotguns than Mercy.

But yes. Nice tactic.

What’s sure is I got elite troops bellow 25 attitude but not infiltrators.

You can get elite troops from all factions even when at war with them (which is kind of silly…)

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Exactly, I was able to get Infiltrator while raiding Synderion left and right. I think, that what is needed is for them to research Infiltrator class tech and then it can appear in elite training center.