My apologies for being rude. Thanks for not censoring criticism

Well for me I’m not going to post rude remarks anymore as the final stage of grief has kicked in, acceptance.
I will say that I am impressed about one thing, Snapshot didn’t censor us. so props for that.

While i’m still unhappy about it, I realize this game likely would fail without additional funding.

I think backers have a right to be mad, but I also realize that crowdfunding almost never produces enough funding for a complete game. It would’ve been nice if they had found a better way to do it. I don’t believe Gollop and his team wanted to do this, but they probably felt they had too.

For everyone still seething with anger, don’t jump on me please. I’m expressing regret for being rude. I think my anger was justified, but my behavior was not appropriate, and all things considered, as stated, snapshot didn’t censor us, and seeing how rampant censorship has become, it’s good of them to respect us enough not to.


It was a difficult decision but one which guarantees the future of the studio allowing us to put even more into Phoenix Point. We hope the finished product will speak for itself and prove that this has all been worth it, even if it may not seem like that right now to some people.

Had there been an option to secure the future of the studio without upsetting our customers then we would have gladly considered it.


I’d also like to apologize if I’ve been rude to anyone. I am still very much in the anti Snapshot crusade at the moment, but that may change. This game better be fucking flawless with no further hint of developer fuckery though.

and keep Julian’s face out of videos from now on. Seeing him just makes me angry.