Steam Controller - Trigger Actions not detected

I’ve used my xbox360 controller successfully with Phoenix Point.

I just got a steam controller and wanted to take advantage of the extra buttons.
Phoenix Point seems to be ignoring or not detecting any button that has been assigned a “left trigger” or “right trigger” action. I can bind other actions to the physical triggers on the controller and they work, but it just doesn’t recognize when I want them to actually be detected as triggers.

Workaround was to map the keyboard commands to the triggers, but they do not behave exactly like the gamepad bindings. Binding “F” to the right trigger for example, doesn’t allow you to use a medpak.

what I’ve tried in the steam controller config:
unbound all the hard and soft pull bindings and have analog input enabled only
disabled analog input and leave hard and soft pull bound to trigger
set soft pull threshold all the way to the right
steam overlay is enabled
assigned trigger command to other buttons on the controller - they do not get detected when activated either.
I bound “F” to the right trigger, but that only activates for weapons. it doesn’t access the full action bar like the trigger command would normally.

I’d be disappointed if I have to wait till “late 2020/early 2021” for it to release on steam just to use this controller.

I can confirm that a Steam controller’s trigger doesn’t seem to be recognized by the game when the game is added to Steam. But I have success using SC Controller to have the Steam Controller recognized as an XInput device and then the triggers are recognized. This leads me to believe it might be a setting with Steam that is not sending the trigger data correctly. Being a recent Steam Controller user, I don’t know what setting might be causing the issue and unfortunately the Steam Controller doesn’t appear when I try to diagnose the issue using the Windows 10 Game Controllers configuration.

If none of the settings allow the triggers to function it’s could be an issue with Steam so here are some possible temporary workarounds:

  1. If you just want to use the Steam Controller as an XInput device, I think GloSC might be the best solution for Phoenix Point:
  2. If you want to including bindings beyond what a normal XInput controller can do, then SC Controller is more like what you are looking for but there is a bigger learning curve with it:

Great suggestion! I’ll check it out.


Steam controller always use desktop mode (mouse and keyboard bindings) outsite Steam, not Xinput.

You can always add a shortcuut to Phoenix Point on Steam and run it from there and use Steam Controller, or any other controller supported by SCAPI. Even customize the bindings. Add Non-Steam Games to a Library

If the game does not work well, even launching through Steam (normally this means no supporting Steam Overlay), you still have the option to use GloSC or other similar software, as suggested by @Tsudico.

GloSC got this working properly for me. Thanks again.