Will Steam make the game lag less?

Hi I bought the game on Epic and played a little. I had some issues with the state of the game at that time but also when I got into some missions after some time of play the missions would lag like crazy. I ran the game on a MacBook pro. 2,9 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Radeon Pro 560 4 GB
Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB

I am not great with requirements and all that. Should this game lag like crazy for me with that computer, or is it the Epic that is the problem, and will that be fixed with Steam?

I have waited for the right opportunity to start playing again. When enough updates has happened to satisfy some of the problems I thought the game had but we are closing in on year one and I am thinking of if I should buy the game again on steam? I don’t have much time to play with children and all so I will probably only play through the game once and I want that time to really be as god a playthrough as it can be.

Your setup seems OK (note that I’m not an expert or anything), maybe not for ultra graphics but try medium and that should work ok on 1080p. However you need to make sure your Radeon Pro 560 is being used and not the Intel HD Graphics. I don’t know how you would do that on a mac, sorry. Maybe try disabling the Intel HD Graphics?

I don’t think migrating to Steam would make any difference.

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The launcher (Steam, Epic, GOG) should not affect performance much. Steam does have their built-in overlay which may actually affect performance if one doesn’t have enough memory.

The biggest hit for most people were the Synedrion maps. They were updated with the Arkham update and should perform much better than past versions.


Yes Synedrion maps were the worst. When the camera zoomed out for those big things to fire worms into the air the game almost stopped.

My thinking with Steam was just everyone seemed to be really irritated in Epic and wanted to play on Steam instead. I didn’t understand that and thought it might be that the performance would be better because for me it is basically unplayable the synedrion maps. Are you all playing through that and accepting it? Or is it worse for me… Ill fire it up the game and see what graphics settings I have on

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I would only say to take a screenshot and zoom in with some picture viewing program and check the game in a really close up. You will notice it is extreamly detailed and have no reason to run as smooth as it is now. Don’t get me wrong, if you would do this to other games it is as equally valid option to deffend your argument then the devs if you zoom in and it looks shit.

If not for performance why do everyone want Steam and hate Epic. What is Steams improvement?

Steam has a stable launcher almost without any issues, especially to validate your games and also no issues with cloud saves (Epic has issues with these two). Additionally it has a good backup system (very handy if you get a new PC or reset it, no massive downloads needed), workspaces for mods, more player interactions … etc pp

The Steam launcher is simply much longer alive with way more functions as the Epic launcher has today. Of course not everything is important for everyone, so if you don’t need all these functionality, than it doesn’t matter that much.

For me personally I want to have at least a workshop to deal with mods without using 3rd party tools (like Nexus. Nexus is not a bad tool for itself, but not as highly integrated into games as the Steam workshop and has sometimes issues when games where updated). I also like the cloud saves, not very important for me but sometimes pretty handy. And finally, all the issues that the Epic launcher has with validating or also sometimes updating games are very annoying when they occur.

The rest of the Steam functionality isn’t very important for me so I have not THAT much problems with the Epic launcher. As long as I can play PP with it all is fine.

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I don’t know if it can help, i have an outdated computer of 5 years old (i5, 970 gtx), and when i scrolled the map, for example from right to left, it was like waves on the screen, very awful and unpleasant to look, so i searched in the “options” of the game and i checked the option (in options of PP) to activate the “V sync” and now it’s good for me!

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This is called “tearing” and can happen in any game/computer. This happens because the refresh rate on the horizontal lines is different than the rate on the vertical lines (someone correct me if I’m wrong please). When you turn on “v-sync” (this option is present in most games) which means “vertical synchronization”, the computer waits for the vertical refresh to occur for refreshing horizontally, thus synchronizing both and eliminating tearing. This makes the game run on the speed of the vertical refresh rate at maximum though, which usually diminishes your “fps”. However if you have high enough fps with this setting on, it’s obviously not a problem.

Newer technologies for monitors like AMD’s FreeSync and nVidia’s G-Sync make the monitor itself change its refresh rate to accompany the game, eliminating the need for v-sync and speeding up your game. However, besides needing a compatible graphics card and monitor, they tend to work only in certain frequency ranges that the monitor defines. Now TVs are introducing a new feature called VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) that is basically the same concept but without these frequency limitations from what I gather, but also needs to be supported both on the graphics card and the monitor.


Wow! Impressive detailed answer! :+1:

Well, GOG preferably - it’s DRM policy and ability to backup games in case of unlikely store shut down is something I value. For most part it’s just another Launcher to manage - it’s annoying. People also dislike Epic business model - buying out revelance while offering simply worse service then competition. But yeah, as far as running a game it doesn’t really matter. Biggest boon for steam for me is robust controller support but that’s not something relevant to PP.

It’s unlikely the Steam version will impact performance much outside of perhaps some initial DLC authentication load differences between the two.

However downloading the game, applying updates and such should become significantly more stable on the Steam version as the EGS platform has all sorts of weirdness about it when dealing with 3rd party titles and updating them with it often corrupting the install and requiring repairing the installation… happened with 3 major updates to Phoenix Point (And occasionally for me with other 3rd party titles as well) including the most recent Arkham update where it corrupted several cutscenes and model assets during the update process and required ‘fixing’ the mess the EGS update process created.

Kind of a good thing I was familiar with EGS doing so, otherwise the initial reaction would be Snapshot are rolling out updates that break fundamental parts of the game on a regular basis… but hey… cash payout incentives win over average user’s knee jerk opinion on a development studio. :wink:

Also in my experience Steams update process is significantly more stable and not really prone to hard locking its own platform when performing local disk read/write actions during a update like EGS is.