What´s your build order?

I made the mistake in my current game of starting with training facilities, however with only one recruit thus far due to limited resources it was a mistake. I am constantly low on materials, perhaps also because I don´t like to steal and make my own aircraft, just one for the time being.

Do you guys start off with a ton of food farms?

Is really a big issue to build training facilities? The cost of that building can be gained in a single mission.

food food food. You can then sell it for resources.
Any maybe a satellite.
Research is not important until you get a faction to 75.

Foundaries are okay, but only if you are good with cash.

What else is there to build?

In my game training facilities are definitely something that I get ASAP, however I try to tee them up to be completed at the same time as my first Scarab, then you will never again send a full noob into combat.
I like to end up with about three all at the same base, I will not intentionally build them at other bases as I tend to occupy my other bases with level 7 troops and vehicals.