Fabrication Plant increase speed?

Do more Fabrication Plants speed up he production time of armor or weapons?
Does it matter in which base you build them or do they all get combined !?
How much time you save by building one more?

Speeds up all production.
location doesnt matter.
not sure on exact time saved but i am going to guess that its something like 25% reduction for each one. I dont usually pay that much attention, I just focus on getting 3 of them up. More than enough.

I think the formula is:
time to build / number of factories

So if you have something that takes 10 days to build with 1 factory.
2 factories -> 5 days
3 factories -> 3.33 days
4 factories -> 2.5 days
5 factories -> 2 days

So it really depends on you to decide “how many” is worth the investment.

I have to check though, maybe it is: time to build / 2^(number of factories-1)
2 factories -> 5 days
3 factories -> 2.5 days
4 factories -> 1.25 days
5 factories -> 0.625 days

I get a manticore in 2.5 days but I don’t remember if I have 3 or 4 fabrication plants.

this one is right

Yep, I now have the 50% increase in production from NJ, so I’m below 2 days with 4 factories.