What is Prestige Armor?

Saw it mentioned a couple of time, what is it?

Also slightly unrelated, i wont be home for the next month or so, will i still be able to get the Christmas armour after the next update?

An award for those who recommend game to other Steam players. Might be just cosmetic (decorative) OR completely new armour, dont have real answer, as I dont have Steam version (yet!)

Devs will also give a definitive answer, but my impression is that 1.9.2 and onwards have enabled this option to insert promo code and get whatever reward in next campaign. We will see how many uses will it get, but its likely it will :slight_smile: So my lucky guess is YES, as long as you enter the correct promo code.

The “refer a friend” is not steam exclusive, just have to “recommend” it to another e-mail address.

The refer-a-friend reward is already claimed like that, even before 9.2

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I referred a friend back in November but still haven’t been emailed the code, so you might be waiting a while for it if you do. I believe it’s just a cosmetic add on rather than anything else.

It is simply a cosmetic add-on.
There does seem to be some delay in emailing the codes - I’m not quite sure what or why.

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It seems they are making it a manual email reply rather than an automated one (eg I suggest that on form submission of the refer a friend, could just display the code instantly on the webpage).

Currently the flow is you get an auto-reply email telling you it’s on its way for Y1E launch for 3 Dec, so needs to be updated. And they still have to manually email you the code - seems to be a lot of effort plus ppl are still asking about it!