Friend referral rewards

I’m just curious as to when the emails will be sent, like with the info on the prestige armor etc.

They are slated to go out sometime next week.

Just got mine this morning👍

Yep, just received mine too, all is cool!

They were quicker than they said (unless I did a Rip Van Winkle for week).

Can anyone explain this to me please? Never heard of it.

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Thanks @mcarver2000, I didn’t receive an email about this.

Any luck with this? I admit first time I tried to cheese the system, referring another email of mine. After that, I did refer someone genuine. No email on how to acquire the items either way.

Gmail had mine tucked away in the Promotions folder…

Nah, I am checking those, especially for PP content which usually goes there. Alright, just wanted to know if other people got it. Nothing to wait, And keep my eyes peeled I suppose.

I cheesed it, got the emails on the 5th, so… I have no idea if yours is lost or there is some kind of scheme for sending them…

(It was in junk on my other account, even though the “are you interested” was not… the usual, inconsistent email-rules…)

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I’ve not received the response yet also.

Sorry to necromancy this thread but does anyone know how to get this? I signed up a few friends actually but noone has gotten an email about it :eyes:

If it still works, it was " PHOENIXFRIENDS "

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You need to use the code here:

Refer friend code is PHOENIXFRIENDS. There is also Xmas code: HAPPYHEAVYHOLIDAYS

You need to start a new game in order to get the skins. There is something like use promo codes checkbox when starting a new game so that needs to be checked. Then at the start of a new game, you get additional pieces of armor and/or weapons into your store with the skins.

Ah sweet. Thanks :slight_smile: