Multiple Bugs Found

  1. Game freezes/crashes during missions when it is the Pandorans turn.

  2. At random times while on the Geoscape, the icons that show trade and recruits vanishes.

  3. At random times my troops are stuck and unable to move. Anytime I try to move then all I get are the white/gray “X” showing unable to move there. The troops have 4 APs, nothing blocking them and they are not paralysed.

These are the three I have found so far. Awesome game, but please squash these bugs soon. It makes it hard to play.

Number one’s been happening to a lot of us lately, so hopefully Snapshot is aware by now.

Number two seems to be a problem of transitioning from the Personnel menu back to the Geoscape. Also reported by a few people here, so hopefully also Snapshot is now aware.

Hadn’t seen 3 before, so let’s see if someone can give you an answer!