Game breaking bug.. Maybe involving vehicles

I say maybe because i have no idea… this was so completely bizarre.
Not only that, but its unacceptable… This kind of thing can absolutely kill an ironman run of the game.

Is the time in my livestream when the bug occurs…
My scarab fires its shots across the map and then randomly explodes itself, dying instantly for seemingly no reason, it being even more weird that the scarab was almost at full hp.

This is bringing back flashbacks of my old playthrough that made me quit with my armadillo flipping and being stupid. Once again, i pick this game up and am very disappointed with the bugs i encounter. Im trying to give your guy’s game a serious shot so i can recommend it to my friends and people watching my streams but i just cant do it with bugs like this going on.

Also, there are still ui bugs when using a controller, even with your “revamped” controller support update. There are numerous bugs with the cursor not wanting to scroll through researches. And while in combat and swapping between characters there is a panning issue with the camera.

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