Moral code of current developers (definitely not clickbait)


Web archive of the PP store on the 24th of december 2018 states that the digital copy will be a steam or GoG key. So every pre order of the game / corwdfunding granting a digital copy of said product must be delivered on said plateform.
Customers have rights, coporate shenannigans want us to let down our rights, going by their rules and that is a big NO. If we don’t voice out loud that it is a bad move to break their sales rules, this kind of practice will continue forever. Players began voicing their concerns about lootboxes, this is the same.


I really don’t think this kind of BS really matters to people. Not to the point where they’ll ‘protest’ or ‘organise’. It’s a game. If you don’t want to pay the money or submit to the conditions, you don’t play it. You/We can always go back and do the Impossible Ironman run of X-Com 2 again…


I allready paid the money on certain terms and conditions. Conditions changed but what they offer is not what i want (aka refund). I’m still waiting for some news of Long war of the chosen, but still i want what i paid for and not in 1 year after launch.


First of all i would like to point out that i despise Epic games myself, but i’d like to point out a few things.

True but as long as Snapshot abides by the GDPR law they aren’t liable for what Epic does.

Smaller indie devs benefit greatly from platforms undercutting each other because this results in more funds to develop their game. Many if not all indie devs would want nothing more than to see steams monopoly shattered. They have been sqeeuzed dry for long enough. In the long run i believe this will be beneficial for the market. It sucks that epic is the only platform capable of competing with steam but that’s just the way it is. Monopolies are as anti consumer as it gets. More competition will result in companies being incentivized to do even better.

Technically i don’t think this holds up as they will still hand out the keys after the deal ends or so they claim. In that case they’re still holding up their end of the bargain, albeit with a one year delay.

I think we shouldn’t underestimate the thought that went into this and i have no doubt there have been a bunch of lawyers from both epic and snapshot who made sure they have covered all the loose ends.


I suppose you don’t see the case that it will be. Just one year later. :wink:

And that is your problem. :slight_smile: If they offer you that they give you your cash back, then this is enough from their side.


Sorry Julian :sob:


So basically i have to wait one year to them fully complete their end of the bargain without any compensation of any sort for the year of waiting time ? This is not how real life works. If my consumer is not happy with what i deliver to him, and does not want the refund but the product, it is my obligation to deliver said product if i don’t want to be sued.

On the other side, exclusivity does not mean having their own launcher with break their deal with Epic as they do not distribute on other plateforms.

And for those saying that epic store is the way to take out valve’s monopoly, i invite them to read Epic Store’s ToS that are anti consumer practices at best and very borderline…


But did they promised you release date? :slight_smile: It wasn’t part of contract of any kind. It was some estimation which could be altered. :wink:


:rofl: That shit is too funny. At least they are providing some entertainment in the middle of the shit storm.


The only estimation was the date, not the plateform at that time. But some kind people pointed out that we will get the same thing in one year on steam. If the game releases on Epic in fall, i guess it will hit steam around fall 2020 might be delayed to 2021 but i’ll wait, cause won’t ever install Epic Store on my PC…


If you really don’t want that Epic crap and you have paid as backer I would in your place use torrents and download the game to play it during that one year period. But it is only me. :wink:


But that is exactly how things DO work in real life. If you supply a full refund in return, the consumer has very little recourse. I do not accept my refund and I am going to sue you!!! LOL, cool story, see you in court.

Unless of course, your product has substantually cost them in other ways… which I highly doubt this game has cost anyone, anything, other than the backer money, that is getting refunded.


I am thinking this will be happening quite a bit now with all the rage.

I wonder what the official rule is about piracy, if someone has paid for the game. Can it be considered piracy if you have paid for a digital copy of a game?

I am sure with the dodgy money the big guys spend, it is probably more jail time than murder.


Don’t forget that downloading is legal, uploading and sharing is illegal. :wink: At least it was like that. Method of download I think is irrelevant. :slight_smile:


If only they had a clause that allowed the original backers to get the 1.0 game release as a direct download. Would’ve calmed the rage a little.

I guess a deal like this with Epic would lock all chances of that happening.


For me, I paid for a game, and the promised backer builds and DLCs, and that’s what I’m expecting to get (if course, being a gamer on the Internet, I’m full aware of things like Star Citizen, but eh! I just don’t believe it will happen with Phoenix Point). The platform in which it will be downloaded is irrelevant.

If I wanted to make a ruckus of all this, I would have started with that damned Xsolla launcher, a crappy piece of shit that gave nothing but trouble when releasing BB3, and that was never talked about in the previous FAQs and such. Really, if this is not about Epic, but about some nebulous “breach of trust” and moral codes, why didn’t exist a similar uproar regarding XSolla? Oh, there were some complaints, sure, but nothing like this.


My guess would be that tolerance was much higher as these were Alpha builds and acknowledged as a temporary solution that would be irrelevant once the product gets integrated to Steam or GoG.

I know that’s the way I’d have defended it. i wasn’t overly annoyed by the way BB was distributed. Clumsy and annoying, but temporary.


Well I’m getting the game, dlc’s updates and if I want it the steam version. I can launch the game DRM free and once installed I won’t need Epic launcher unless update / patch or dlc.

To be honest good enough for me.


Xsolla sucks and I never got to play BB3 thanks to it. It is also a temp solution for an alpha build so I don’t care that much. EGS is how I’m expected to get my final game unless I want to wait a year, which is unsat. If Xsolla was how I was expected to get my final game it would be a different story, but again it was a temp solution for an alpha build that not even all backers qualify for.


Actually, without the refunds, the backers would have legal grounds to take Snapshot games to EU/Country specific Customer Rights organisations, and possible directly to court aswell.