Missions do not resolve after killing all enemies

This happened to me twice now: A mission would not resolve after every enemy was killed. I even spent 10-20 turns combing through the entire map, every room in every building, to no avail.

The only mission goal listed is “Kill all enemies.”
There are definitely no more enemies left on the map.
The mission does not end.

Ending the mission by evacuation will count as mission failure, with no rewards gained.

It’s been discussed in quite a few threads already. It happens every now and again.

Until the devs fix it use the command prompt (press “?”) and type “win”. This will give you the victory and allow you to carry on.

So is this like when you finish the battle and it gets to the screen that shows who got injured and promoted? that’s where it locks up for me, when ever I try to move on it doesn’t let me get back to the geoscape I click the button and it just sits there forcing me to goto task manager and close out the whole game will what you mentioned fix this issue?

Happened to me as well - seems it is related to enemies fled from battlefield, the game does not count them as defeated properly.