Stuck on haven defense with no enemies

So I am on a haven defense mission and have defeated all of the visible pandorans. The computer turn passes instantly as if it has nothing to move. I have cycled through about 4 or 5 turn with no results at all. Yet I still haven’t “won” the mission in spite of having already won the mission. Any help would be appreciated.

search around for a worm or mindfragger trapped in the terrain or behind the walls

On defense missions, don’t you have to escort civilians out?

No, you only win the mission after defeating all the aliens. I assume that if you evac all the civilians then evac your squad you still lose the mission and the haven is destroyed. If the mission isn’t ending, then there is an enemy still on the map somewhere. In the mission that prompted the OP, a fireworm was hidden under the corpse of a Scylla. I had to throw an explosive on the exact right spot on the corpse to get a clear shot at the worm. Strangely enough, the grenade didn’t kill the worm, it just removed a portion of the corpse.