Questions about mission mechanics

so we can have a max of 16 soldiers on mission…is the only way to have 16 is on base defense or actually deploying 16 soldiers on a scalvage mission?

on base defence will we be able to defned the base from the out side like defending the wall and if the aliens break through then it leads to room to room battle or will the aliens start in the base?

will we be able to utilize wall turrets to defend a haven?

can we come at different stages in a haven assault? like we detected an alien horde going in this direction could we pre emtivly send a team to fortify that haven and on the flip side come to the end of the attack and scavage the ruins of the haven.

will scavenge work as you only get what your soldiers are caring if you retreat, but everything if you win the mission?

how will stealing tech work? like I have and infiltrator who sneaks into a haven and steals a plasma rifle from a weapons locker and that unlocks a research to dismantle the gun but I learn how to construct them?

can a soldier hijack an enemies vehicle?

can we see other factions go out on missions and ambush their teams? and if we do it effectively we could essentially kill the team before they contact base and we could still have good relations with that faction?

will aliens and other factions call in reinforcements like in xcom 2?

can you attack havens ?

can we steal vehicles?

I think you will wait for the answers. :wink: Devs probably didn’t decided all of this yet. :wink: Except maybe:

  • attack on haven which should be possible. :slight_smile:
  • ending scavenging mission will probably work as you described (they said something like that in one of the interviews)
  • largest dropship will have 16 spaces so you will be able to take such squad to any kind of mission (but it won’t be so easy to have such ready roster)

Judging by Fort Freiheit, I doubt 16 soldiers will be a standard mission loadout. It’s more of a “pull out all the stops!” situation, such as during a base defense or an assault on the endgame base.