Scavenging missions again ridicolous hard

Right now I’m facing like every scavenging missions with Pandorans labeled HARD that are not in the Mist region. Those HARD missions are like: Spawning Chirons/Sirens, spawning Tritons, Arthrons EVERY TURN. Sometimes 2 enemies spawn. Why are non mist scavenging missions so ridicolously hard? Early game it’s not possible to field so much firepower to kill so powerfull enemies like Chirons/Sirens to manage the population count on the map. In previous patch I could agree that scavenging missions were on the snooze line, but now it’s opposite. It’s an hourly boring slug fest with more and more enemies.

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I presume that you’ve far enough into the campaign that you’ve got more experienced soldiers? That’s when the scavenging difficulty ramps up. IIRC, this change is announced in the patch notes.

I like the difficulty bump. I’d just like to see more variety in the scavenging battlefields.


I experience that once you kill initial wave, get most or all resources, they start spawning quite fast, and top level enemies of the times. Quite annoying and needs soldiers that does not burden easily or can move fast due to max move or plus move armour (just to escape, and not to face off)

That mission type is intended to be „grap as much you can and escape“.
I personally like it more as it is now: less starting enemy’s but more reinforcement.


I tend to only do the later scavenging missions with vehicle-equipped squads, so encumbrance isn’t a problem, and I can get around pretty quickly when necessary. When I don’t, I strip down my load out a little to make space for loot


While its nice idea, having 5 plus vehicle limit (and that needs Talmat) compared to a lot to scavenge is bad. I voted unlimited squads and bigger ships, for sure. That solves a lot :slight_smile:

No, I’m not that far. I was literally presented with the Lair type enemies and the Forsaken mission, So I’m pretty early in the game. The thing is the enemies start spawning each turn from the start and I could be fighting even 2 sirens at once. Still considering that this is not inside the MIST. Enemy EVERY TURN is way too much. I wouldn’t be complaining if it was a MIST scavenging, but how enemies can muster unlimited forces every turn is a little stupid despite being outside of their natural habitat.

If I can get all the crates without any issue, retreating is not a problem since I make sure to have enemies under check. My previous scavenging run before Lair type enemies were announced was also HARD but managable and still not inside the MIST. I had like 30 minutes battle but managed to get all. But then enemies weren’t spawning every turn, but like every 3rd-4th turn which I had time to do some movement.

The Armadillo is a scavenge mission monster. With it and the 4 soldiers I can load into a T-bird, I have yet to encounter a scavenging mission that I can’t handle. With the exception of snipers, brutes, and heavy mg’s, most weapons barely scratch the paint.

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Still, you’ve got mostly L5-6 soldiers, right? That’s a potent team. You definitely need to expend more energy fighting foes when the scavenger missions start coming in HARD every time, but it’s still perfectly doable. I like that sort of thing, but get why some are frustrated by it.

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No. I have one team of 5-6 level soldiers but they cannot be everywhere. I wouldn’t be that much frustrated if enemies weren’t coming every turn in non MIST mission. In a MIST mission I wouldn’t be bringing that particular team and I would be fine for that difficulty.

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Jet Pack, head aumentation (inmune to mind control) and a vehicle and you can grab almost every crate in late game.
Personally I LOVE the smash and grab idea.

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That needs a 7 personel carrier, one that PP does not have. Surely can be obtained by stealing and alliance, but that is (alliance) quite far away. Yes, I like you do the match and strategy, but general problem is once aliens bump up, everything gets harder and after some time limit of your HP scale and armour cant keep up, its up to good strategy. But even good strategy cant always beat too growing numbers of too bumped Pandorans in second half of game.

Alpha Triton for example can take 3 sniper shots from best Synd snipe to die. Alpha brutes too. So even the very basic enemies become menace.

I usually use two Manticore with 3 soldiers and one vehicle each in the early game simply to have a better and cheaper spreading effect (2 aircrafts can explore twice as much as only a single one). I use these team setup (Manticore with 3/1) also later on, because I personally just find the NJ aircraft too slow, but then I often join two of these teams to do the more critical missions. In the past I had no real issues with one of those teams on scavenging sites even in the end game. But, I have no idea how this will work now.

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Sure, you’ve got to steal the T-bird early on. One early theft doesn’t really impact your rep significantly, and early on the mission is not very hard, even though it is labeled extreme.

I guess that I just don’t experience the problems that you do. Yes, foes get tougher, but so do your soldiers. Alpha snipers are a pain in the butt, but they should be. Scavenging sites are a lure for humans, so it makes sense that the Pandas devote more troops to them as time progresses

Ultimately, it’s just a question of personal preference. Previously, the scavenging missions got boring because they were too easy. The change makes them more challenging, and therefore more interesting.

What’s been kicking my butt is the fact that Scyllas show up on haven defenses a lot more now, and often don’t start very far away.

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A couple of weeks back, I gave this game another look, having not played it since the Titanium release… hit a scavenger mission third time out… took a look at it… closed the game and have not played since…

I don’t play games to endure tedium…

PP is a lesson in tedium…

Not really monotonous, but switching from “challenged” to moments of being more powerful then enemies if played right. But kind of brief pause moments, because new mutations do come and everything tends to get harder over time, So being able to survive is a quality here.

I find the difficulty fine on veteran so far. I do have to abandon some crates occasionally, to flee in time, but I think that’s good. I like having to be on my toes.

The comment that complains about an enemy spawning every turn seems like a clue that that player just isn’t strong enough. Don’t you typically kill several enemies per turn? One measly reinforcement enemy per turn really isn’t “ridicolous”, it’s the bare minimum to keep up some pressure on the player.


A couple of minibuses in a turn?

Perhaps he plays when lagging behind Evolution and the spread of Monsters. I admit that the game is poorly balanced as it was before. At the same time, I suggest - to reduce the level of difficulty of the game.