Mission End Evacuate Area [n/n]?

Sometimes the results show Evacuate Area with no numbers attached. Other times the numbers can range from [8/8] to [8/11]. Kinda confused why the second number can be more than the squad size for the mission. If the mission is to extract someone, yeah the 2nd number should be +1 of the squad size.

Perhaps it’s a bug and it’s tied to the unintended Evac for Citadels. Along with the bug where one may not get any Skill Point Pool for successfully evac’ing in Citadel missions.


I’ve always received -0- for evacuation.
Wondered if that was a bug.

It’s hit or miss whether one gets SPP when evac’ing from Citadels. The need to evac from citadels was mistakenly flagged as on in the last patch.

I have found that you get numbers for evac if you left turrets, or spider drones behind when evacuating, live or dead.

if you did not leave any turrets, did not use drones, did not mind control any units, then I usually get “0” listed.

and yes, given that you get MORE “evac” points for leaving turrets behind than you do if you never put any turrets down to begin with… that does seem like a bug.

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Magic World of recoverd turrets providing SP :sweat_smile:

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