Team Evacs With Priest But Mission Won't End Due to Enemy Still MC'ed

During a Citadel mission, I mind controlled a nearby Arthron to give all a chance to evac safely. When the full team was evac’ed, the Arthron was still under mind control. The mission did not end. I tried moving the MC’ed Arthron to get killed. However, the Pandorans totally ignored it, even when they were attacked. After a number of turns it appears that the mind control ran its course and the mission finally ended. But not before my 2 turrets were destroyed.

MC is issue towards many Bugs, so it seems. Hope, they fix Thies soon.

Yea, I had that too. Had to force the Triton to do a suicide run so as to end the mission - though if I recall, he survived the run and then lost MC (ending the mission) in the following turn.

This is very old bug, from the release in December. Strange in didn’t fix already…

Then I think it’s come back, because I certainly wasn’t encountering it pre-Danforth. In fact I made a Canny post arguing that MC should capture any Pandas still MC’d at the end of the mission precisely because it wasn’t happening.

In the December there were only ambush mission with evacuation. And there I had this bug.

Ah right, so it’s a bug in the evac line of code.
Thanks Magor.