More utility items

I have been missing something from PP beta videos and I think I finally realized what: items!

Be it unique offensive or defensive granades, ammo, scanners, decoys, mines, timed explosives, grapple, jetpacks, invisibility gear, combat stims - those are things which made all of XCOMs, old and new tick.

Few of them are in game, and some we know are coming, but I do hope that there is quite a bit to come.

As it is, soldiers development feels fairly utilitarian, with couple of skills being gamebreaking, and it’s fine. Equipping them with unique gear however, granting usable abilities would make things interesting. I also feel that applying gamey restrictions (like timers or uses per mission) work better in such scenarios, as they are easier to explain in lore (recharge time or refuel).

In addition various new items could be tied to various factions, modifying playstyles available at our disposal with each playthrough, depending whom we are friendly with.

the devs have said there are more utility items than we are seeing

Just hope they will come with a larger backpack; weight limit is OK, a so small space limit is not; a spare sniper rifle takes a lot more space than a pistol magazine or a medikit

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+1 from me :wink:


I don’t think we will see inventory Tetris, like in UFO, but allowing to stack smaller items in the inventory should provide a distinction in item size.

In UFO i remember than, paying an AP penalty for overload, you were able to carry a paralyzed comrade in you backpack.

Thin we need AT LEAST one more column in the backpack, two or three even better, and stacking too

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In UFO, there are locations on the shoulders and at the waist. I like the AP system in UFO, the unused part was used for the overwatch.

Here is similar, you cannot OW if you dont have some AP left; i miss the kneeling and laying of the old UFO, using AP to reduce you target size and get better aim



I confirm you, I miss you too