Mission brief buged

Since the game official release. ALL of my mission brief always show +25 attitude change on victory for every faction.
Enemy always shown :Alien
New personnel always shown : x5 all the way same class as a picture above.
no matter what mission it always show exact the same as a picture.
I have been fresh reinstall the game. reinstall epic launcher. delete all the save file that remian in >USER>local>snapshotgame>phoenix point
none of that doesn’t fix this and it happen to me on BOTH of my PC.

Is there anyway the fix this buged? I know I beat the game couple of time with no prob but still its would be better if it show correctly.

thank you
ps: window10 system + epic

This looks really broken, there are several things wrong in this screen.
But I never had a bug like this in over 2.000h in the game.

Have you reported it ingame with F10?
If not you should do, it sends your save- and logfiles to the devs so they can take a deeper look at this situation.

Also, are you running any mods?

no I’m not running any mod the breif just show +25 but it not really +25 at the end of stage. It just + normally (like +8 Anu etc.)

Will do, thank you.

I have move from epic store and buy a new one in steam andddd this buged still following me to the steam version. try delete snapshot folder from drive C:/. Still no fix.