Bug during alien activity

So while playing Ive noticed the game really slows down and a few times the game has frozen during alien activity.

My game is now stuck in alien activity with no option to restart or quit level.

what do I do?

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This is a known bug, we’re working to fix it in an update.

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alt+f4 and load quick save ‘continue’

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Is there also a bug report of units moving randomly around the map to past locations?

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can you describe it with more details? Because enemy can return to his previous position - it is just tactic. They sometimes withdraw to better position. :wink: So it may not be a bug.

So sometimes I will move my unit from one location to another. The next turn I will have them fire at an alien, once that unit has fired they will teleport back to the original location I moved them from last round.

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This one. Someone mentioned it. :wink:

I can confirm, i have the same issue

Not sure if it helps, but happened to me too once.

Another if its not on the list:

Killed all the aliens, but cant finish the level. searched every building but no aliens found. Alien activity lasts 1/2 a second and then back to my turn.

sadly this bug makes the game unplayable. it occured for a third time during my alien base attack. without a quick save during the mission, it turns the game into a gamble. so exactly the opposite of what you expect from Phoenix Point. is there and ETA on bug fix delivery?

At this point, it should be expect that we’re handing out development builds, and bugs are likely to occur.

We’re working on bug fixes and we’re currently testing out release candidate. Most likely we will push the update out on Monday

I appreciate the fact that we can play the game while you guys build it. Bugs will happen and that’s why they need to be reported.

At least we are finding them now and you guys fix them vs the full release with a load of bugs.

Strange bug. Didn’t happen to me. I just needed to search hard for an alien and always found it. And in Alien Base Attack you don’t even need to kill all enemies.

We’re doing our best to fix all of these bugs and roll out a patch. There is a lot more content in BB3 than the previous two releases, so a lot more things to go wrong. We didn’t have as much time testing as we would have initially liked because we wanted to make sure you didn’t have to wait too long to get the build, and we appreciate that it was a late build to begin with.

Despite doing our best to find and fix them post delivery, there are only so many bugs that -/+ 50 people are going to find playtesting over the course of the week. Push it out to thousands of members of the public who are going to find many new and exciting ways to break the game, and we see many more bugs!

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I was refering to bug when game freeze/loop in ‘alien activity’ phase. in that case all you can do is close the game and load geoscape.

@UnstableVoltage I hope it doesn’t sound harsh, if yes I apologise. I am fully aware that this is beta/dev build. I don’t expect a fully working version right now. I was just interested when I could return to fully enjoy this beta build because I WANT to provide constructive feedback, ideas, bug reports. It’s just frustrating when this problem occurs and you cannot prevent it nor fix it on your side.

We completely agree, which is why we’ve been working rapidly to fix it. We just didn’t want to rush out a patch that either made things worse or introduced more problems. Just another couple of days to test and be sure, and we can roll it out.

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…because no one wants to fix a single but by adding ten more.
been there, done that :wink:

First time today it froze on aliens turn. Seems like every xcom type game ever made, has had the same problem in it’s early production.