Mighty Briefing #5

Is in the inbox. Check your spam and prepare for hell of a ride… :wink:

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Do you know any other way to get it? Because I don’t have it in my inbox, I tried re-subscribing to the mailing list and I got the Volume 1, with volume 2 arriving in a few days…

very interesting, could we as phoenix point steal some AI citizens?

Nothing for me either, but now that I think of it, I may never have subscribed to the newsletter. How would one do this if I may ask?

Somewhere on the phoenix point page, disable all blocking plug-ins, it should appear a little window asking you if you want to subscribe to the newsletter. It just happened.

EDIT: Don’t link it, it’s against the design of the newsletter.

Ok, now I’m going to stalk the reddit page until THAT meme is posted.

Could you be more precise?

The Canadian in the mist, but I think I am pretty late, since I realized “The second Step” is an old story, which I never came to read for time issues when it came out initiallly (I know its contents thanks to RetconRaider’s videos)

You mean like kidnapping an android? Or stealing computer with consciousness? Who knows. Maybe those kind of androids could even join our cause and have some nice abilities (in the field or just in base as scientists). :wink: For me most important thing here is that some of Synedrion want to search for Phoenix Point remains and help us. :slight_smile: I suppose that the easiest way to win the game will be to have the technologies from all 3 factions combined and not letting them die until the end of the game to eventually steal their best tech if they turn against us.

I’m also not receiving the newsletter.
I usually receive the mail in two diferent accounts, one for various things and another that I used to buy the game (I checked the spam folder).

Previously I didn’t have any problem and I have the mails for the 1,2 and 3, but I didn’t received the mail for 4 and 5.

I tried to resub but for now there is no change.

You are not alone, similar problem here.

We are aware that a number of people are having issues receiving the latest Briefing ebooks via email, and we are currently looking into it. It should also be noted that people signing up for the mailing list after ebooks have launched will receive each ebook in sequence over the course of several weeks.

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I just backed the game a few days ago. Where do I find previous briefings? I was hoping, here in the forum. Haven’t found them yet. I ll keep looking.

use this link, and change last character to other number

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