Medal Awards and ceremonial in the game?

Hello Developers. Any chance that like in xcom1 from firaxis the great feature the medal award scenes are in the game ? Same with a ceremonial scene when a soldier dies in combat, laterat the base there is a memorial with salute for the fallen ?

That would improve the atmosphere of the game.

greetings martin

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Personally, I am not sure if medal awards would fit the theme - afterall, this is more of an apocalyptic setting. Not many people outside to show off your medals.

A memorial for fallen units would be nice though.

Hello Wormerine. Interesting point. Did not see it in this way. But would it be great to give your soldier a medal with includes a seldom earnable bonus ( aim, strength, and so on).

Personally, I am not a fan of passive bonuses. This is Firaxis’ XCOMs bain, making it too easy to stack passive bonuses making already basing mechanics irrelevant.

An extra way of customising soldiers is always welcome. If there were passive bonuses I would like to see them come with disadvantages. I am not sure if extra mechanic is needed, though. For example, PP’s weapon design leaves a lot of ways for implementing such boons (weapon with more accuracy, but less bullets per shot, or less damage per shot, or more expensive ammo etc).

My guess is, that it is very intentional to not allowing players straight up improve their accuracy via stats. Again, see what happens in XCOMs when your heavies have high accuracy.

Some way to train in order to decrease the the manual aiming circles when firing.

In the military, you are awarded medals for marksman, sharpshooter, and expert.
Maybe the following for training/awards… with ratio of training costs like 1, 2, and 4 respectfully.
marksman 10% decrease in aiming circles
sharpshooter 20%
expert 33%

Sorry if this has already been brought up elsewhere.

I would be against aim boost. This is by far the biggest offender in any of the XCOM game (be it 96 or FiraXCOM). There are all ready too many ways of boosting aim (at least for snipers) IMO. Boosting players aim allows players to maw down enemies without putting themselves in danger. Have weapon with better aim but worse firepower, or more AP use - sure.

Boosting things like movement or strength increase amount of things you can do - in creasing aim decreses amount of things you should do.

EDIT: :rofl: Just notice I kinda repeated myself. Already posted on this thread. Sorry for that.