Statistics included?

Maybe it is the baseball player/coach in me, but seeing statistics for everything is a feature I thoroughly enjoyed in other games that people added. I want to see how many missions, kills, shots fired, wounds taken, etc. Hopefully, that will be incorporated. Maybe even a historical log for each game…



Yeah, I’d really like that too, come to think of it. I don’t recall if the original X-COM had it, but OpenXCOM has soldier memorials and stuff. And of course, the NuComs track how many aliens each soldier has killed, and XCOM 2 gives you successful shot percentages and stuff.

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Would be nice, but may be as mod or DLC.

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The NuCOMs have a memorial wall and a trophy room in 2, I think

It would be really nice to see how many bullets in this realistic ballistic system ever hit with my gameplay style. :wink: And such statistic could be further distinguished by weapon - would be interesting to make a conclusion that I was using weapon in correct or wrong way. Recently I was watching on youtube someone playing BB3 and was struck by how inaccurate his firing was. I suppose that almost 90% of bullets went in the air or cover. That was tragedy and really hard to watch. :slight_smile: