Maxing out GPU at Loading Screen?

I’m possibly being an idiot here, but having been able to run the game relatively fine on first download, it recently has started to hang at the initial loading screen. No matter whether started at minimum quality, windowed, as an admin etc it will hang regardless and when I use task manager to end the process, the GPU is shown at 99-100% load. No issues with any other games and I’m unsure why it would be working fine one minute, then just flip?

OS: Win 10 Home 64, v1809
Proc: PhenomII X6 1100T
RAM: 12 Gb
G/C: NVidia GeForce GTX 760

Set automatic page file or if it will be too small then set it manually for at least 8GB. Let us know if that helps.

Btw you are using 8 years old CPU. So I suppose it is overclocked. Did you try to turn off OC?

No it’s not Overclocked. Never had any performance issues on games I’ve played, including PP before the current issues. Will try the other point mentioned and post the result.

Played with a few Page File settings - started from 8GB and then went upwards - no change.

I use a Phenom II x4 without needing to overclock it. Stop assuming our voltage :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t booted it up since the last patch I downloaded, but generally speaking, drivers are often the first place to look as far as gpu issues.

Also, I don’t think page file does anything for gpu if you have a discrete video card. Could be wrong though.

I don’t say he needed to overclock it. :slight_smile: But his CPU has great potential there. :wink:

stores textures and geometry

That old Phenom II was just an all around workhorse. The only game that gives me trouble is state of decay 2 (which is incredibly processor heavy for some reason).

I though only onboard gfx would use a page file. Thats good to know.

I recall every so often games get reported overloading graphics cards, on loading screens or menus. Starcraft II for example was reported to do this for a time.

Think its usually an unrestricted frame rate issue, with insufficient other restrictions leading to the GPU rendering something very simple at huge frame rates. It’s possible the GPU’s causing a driver or directx issue when this happens, or something related, and that’s causing a hang?

It’s definitely a possibility. One option would be to try and change which directx version is being used via launcher, if possible. Same for a frame limiter, or trying to find a launch code that can activate a frame limit. Don’t know unity well enough to really say more than that.

Good ideas, thanks - will look to see if there’s anything I can do locally, although it may just require waiting for the next update to drop…

Ref Phenom - it gives you some idea of the age of my M/B, that that’s the fastest processor I can install on it. Still, with an SSD and the rest of the setup I’ve never had any performance issues…

Hey man, I know. Like I said, I’ve got a p2 x4 running on an old Asus m470xtd Evo or whatever it was from back then. It’s been rock solid. Video cards are all I’ve done for the last many years. I have an SSD waiting in the wings for an upcoming updrage finally. If the boards would support better than am3+, could’ve upgraded processor incrementally as well, but that’s the risk with building for budget.