Crashing on Title Screen

Hi, i’ve recently installed Backer Build 4. I’m unable to get past the initial title screen.
-If i leave it to load it crashes on the title screen.
-If i press ESC, it goes to the loading screen, but still crashes
-I’ve tried window and full screen, fantastic and potato.

Any ideas? I’m on a Win 10, i7 with 16gb RAM. Let me know what else I can tell you.

Graphic card.

Sorry, GTX 1060

You play in Full HD resolution? Check game files integrity. Maybe something has downloaded incorrectly. Another thing that comes to my mind with crashing while loading game or level is increasing and setting manually system page file in Win to at least 8 GB.

Tried redownloading the game, and set the page file to 8gb, still no dice.

There was also issue with account name. If you use some not latin alphabet letters in account name this can be issue. Read end of this thread:

Post a DxDiag ga well as the output log

Here is the DxDiag:

Here is the output log:

Thanks in advance

Ok it took me a while to figure out but it looks like you’ve actually got a laptop

That likely means that the game is using your Intel card and not your gtx1060

I recommend you force the game to use the nvidia card via the nvidia control panel. Yes yes its ‘supposed’ to work without doing that, but like 80% of laptop issues are literally fixed this way