Achievements not unlocking (Gamepass version)

After six playthroughs have found the following ten achievements either may not unlock despite requirements met or are suspected to be glitched. Also some of the descriptions are misleading. I indicate which category these fall into.

Squad Diversity - Recruit a soldier of each class (don’t have to be in the same game)
Gltichy. See my guide here:

I Can Do Everything - Use every character skill (don’t have to be in the same game)
Glitched and stuck at 95% progress despite using all skills even mutogs and vehicles
skills. Devs can verify which skills contribute to achievement.

All Possibilities - Complete all different game endings
Of the five endings, the “lose game” ending is not registering therefore progress
will be stuck at 80% regardless. The three faction and phoenix point outcome are registering.

Citadel Destroyer - Destroy a Pandoran Citadel
May not unlock despite repeated attempts. Post result screen says a lair was destroyed and
humanity breathes sigh of relief etc. This is despite research requirement for destroying a citadel being completed.

Class Creator - Obtain solders of each dual class combination (don’t have to be in the same game)
Another one that may not unlock despite requirements met. There are 21 unique combinations and 42
if you count reverse combinations such as assault / sniper as well as sniper / assault.
I’ve done all 42 and it’s still not unlocking.

Master Builder - build a facility of each type.
Glitchy or description wrong . Unlocked for me on discovering ninth and final Phoenix Point base. See my guide here:

All the Live Ones - Capture each type of Pandoran (don’t have to be in the same game)
Description wrong. Actually need to capture not just each type but each variant. See my guide here:

Master Manufacturer - Manufacture an item of each type (don’t have to be in the same game)
Need a full list of items to validate whether this working or not. So far no-one has unlocked it to my knowledge.

Scientific Rigour - Complete all phoenix research projects
Believed to be presently unobtainable, full research tree needed from dev team to verify

Master Scientist - Complete all research projects (don’t have to be in the same game)
Believed to be presently unobtainable, full research tree needed to verify.

It’s now publicised that the game has unobtainable achievements, there are actually 5 not 4, master manufacturer is the one missing (at present).

I am having this same issue. Does playing on rookie prevent you from unlocking most of the achievements? Ones like stealing an aircraft, surviving an ambush etc wont unlock even after multiple attempts and on different loads both rookie and veteran. I hope this gets fixed and my achievements will unlock at some point.

Hiya, the aircraft steal and ambush one unlocked for me in original version. They arnt difficulty dependent. There were / are five glitchy cheevs and five currently totally unobtainable ones but the ambush and steal aircraft should be ok. The others I’ve documented here and on

As far as I know I’m the only person so far to have unlocked “all the live ones” - capture a pandora of each type. The description is misleading, it actually includes all variants through pandora evolution. Nineteen in total :woozy_face:

there are two different endings for synedrian, the terrorformers and the other side, so in total it is 4 faction endings and the phoenix ending

Yeah my info is a little out of date.

With “all possibilities” achievement it’s still broken because every time you finish the game it resets the ending count to zero. Then it applies the +1 on that.

So new players will.never get above 20% completion.

It used to be broken in a different way, so that if you did more than two endings on the same difficulty then it wouldnt count the third.

But aside from that, yes you’reorrect there are five endings. One for each faction apart from synedron which has 2.

I miss this, any advice on how to do it?

The requirement has changed a lot since I did it. Then there were 19 variants to capture.

If you check the steam forums there is more info on this. I seem to recall the ninth being some Chiron variant.

I’ll try to dig out a steam forum link with more info.

Not sure because I don’t track the achievements, but there are 9 possible vivisections in the game:

  1. Mindfragger
  2. Fire worm
  3. Poison worm
  4. Acid worm
  5. Arthron
  6. Triton
  7. Siren
  8. Chiron
  9. Scylla

These 9 should trigger the achievement … if it is not still buggy :wink:

Nice one skunky. So check in your containment tab for each one. I seem to recall that even though people had a Chiron, it may (repeat may) not trigger until it’s another variant such as acid bomber, goo bomber, poison bomber, fire bomber.

So advice is keep capturing those Chiron’s till it pops.

this achievement is broken, and a few more

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I have all the achievements done, except for these two.

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