Enabling V-Sync increases framerates. Also, poor performance in-game after Necromicon 1.7.1 EGS

I’m experiencing erratic frame-rate drops while in-game after Necromicon 1.7.1 EGS patch. While in mission, max zoom out and moving around has 34-43 FPS, max zoom in over soldiers (standing still around 117 FPS) moving around drops to 80-85. Using aim with zoom, on zoom out = 20 FPS when multiple objects are present / around 50 FPS medium zoom.

Also, these values are with V-Sync on which improves performance. I have a G-Sync 144 Hz Monitor and it’s enabled - so v-sync should not improve anything. Without V-Sync enabled FPS is capped around 55-60.

These measurements are with max settings enabled, as they were from the beginning. I don’t exactly know how they differ from before, but I just notice a drop in quality right now (especially when shooting - everything is trembling now)
I’m running the game on a Ryzen 9 3900X + GTX 1080 + 32 GB RAM.

Let me know if I can give you guys any extra info.

UPDATE : Video for extra details (look at D3D11 values) : https://youtu.be/c7mmGfYLoDE

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I don’t have any hard data but I too noticed a general decrease in performance.