Massive, easy exploit for skillpoints

Raid a haven, and you don’t even have to pick up single crate, just run to the evac zone. Yay you get mission complete and skillpoints as if you did something (no, you really didn’t.) What’s worse is there is no cooldown to the raid, so you can just do this while the clock is stopped.

Sure, you lose rep with that one faction…but first off it’s clearly cheesy in terms of skillpoints. And…the rep for the other 2 factions goes up, so you can also use this as a cheesy way to rank up 2 factions for the price of one.

The whole diplomatic is on their radar and something is planned to solve the whole mess:

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Could you please give a hint about what this “something” may be? :slight_smile:
Because I think I’ve got an easy to implement solution to the problem of continious raiding. It is like that:
Let the game have an increasing chance to spawn “Ambush” mission with faction defenders in case player tries to raid the same haven/faction several times in a short time.
IMO that makes sence. If you try to steal from somebody several times he will try to adapt and hide his treasures and catch the thief.

Currently there is nothing concrete there, i.e. I (we) also don’t know more as anyone else. Currently the next patch (mostly this list: Feedback | Phoenix Point) is in the queue and I assume that some time after that, maybe with the Festering Skies DLC, there will also be some changes for diplomacy.

The main issue here isn’t diplomacy, it’s being able to get skillpoints for doing nothing, and also having no cooldown on it. I know you’re probably going to argue that having harsher diplomatic penalties might solve the root issue, but I don’t trust the devs to realize that (because they let such an open, obvious exploit to begin with), so we must lay out exactly what the problem is, and it isn’t diplomacy, it’s being able to power level your team for doing absolutely nothing.

You can do this with scavenging missions as well. Yes of course this closes the scavenging mission, but the main point here would be it feels ridiculous to have your team get skillpoints when their only action is to run to the evac and escape, it’s not like ambush missions where you at least have to sustain some kind of resistance before you can evac.

Im my current playthrough, I am having lots of fun being a thorn on their butts stealing their tech. On Anu I did not hit much (their tech suck)…

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