Map Size Seems Small

Playing BB5 and I’m curious, will this be the final map size? They seem small and crowded.

I haven’t played since BB1 so don’t know if I missed a post about this.


I agree, I did mention it on the BB5 feedback thread:

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+1 - I don’t know whether they come later in the game, but I’m also hoping for some larger maps.


yea, especially bigger nests… easy to been crowed here after game month play. You click next round and see it 10 mobs around you :wink:

The units that go stealth (Pain something or other ability) really slows the game down as well. I’m guessing they are testing the unit right now, but all the fights during my current play are all stealth units which means that it takes 3x as many turns to clear the map.

true. And there are another bug/exploit with that.

By using dash ability(if me good remember name of that skill from assault class - cost 3 will) , you can see it where they are, coz there wouldnt be any dot avaible coz is already occupied by enemy :wink: of course if they are in move range.


Oh, hadn’t tried with dash. Just saw a “X” on the floor where they are when trying to move. With dash it is much quicker to see it :+1:

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any way that are exploit :wink: it should be fixed in future

They do seem very small. It’s probably an engine limitation, otherwise why on earth design it like that? Doesn’t bode well for full game as there is little room for maneuver and exploration of the world space.

It’s the same in XCOM, moving the mouse around you will see where you cannot go and know there is someone hidden there, a well known exploit; here with dash i’t even easier

It’d be nice to see more variation in map shape too, at the moment it feels like every outdoor fight is being fought over 4 square blocks - I’d love some that are stretched out to be long and thin, maybe to see us having to cross a bridge, or delve into a subway, but even just a commercial or residential area taking a different shape would change things up.

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To quicken combat part. Larger maps mean longer mission, and more time for searching the last enemy hidden in the toilet.

+1 to longer missions too :wink:

The terror mission on the passenger ship of the old X-COM TFTD a real pain in the ass to find the last surviving and panicked alien in half an hundred cabins.

In the new XCOM you have sounds telling the general direction of the last group of aliens, something that could be used here too, and maps a bit larger, let’s say +50% each side, i.e. double the area, would be probably better, no more i’d say.

Exactly. Last enemy in the toilet isn’t any excuse for small maps anymore :wink: I would rather believe maps are small because of how random generator works (bigger maps would make props more repeatable than now). I believe it could be fixed (september developer update: level design).

Let hope that developers will take it to their hearts and will introduce bigger maps. :wink:


Developers now will have no hears for big changes that go modify the AI or other complex matters; the game is due for december and not delivering a well polished product before Christmas would be a bloodbath for them, perfectly understandable.

Fixing bugs likeweapons not loaded and the geoscape block if you research a tech from a faction have a way higher priority

I think that a bit larger map wont require too much effort, in terms of working hours, so i’m confident it could be done.

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