Managment is bare-bones

As I progress into the game I am finding it harder and harder to manage manticores, personal and storage. It’s not a easy task to see who and what is where. Where your personal are, what state they are in etc:

The management of bases, vehicles and personal as well as items stored is very bare-bones and only just manageable. I hope something is planned for this in future patches and upgrades.


The UI needs at least some sorting function. Like only showing the soldiers in one specific base. Having them in one big list is a pain.

Yeah. I need to see who is onboard my manticores and who is in which base. Clicking on a manticore to send it to a location usually sends both if you have 2. You need to select the manticore from a menu which seems a little unusual, simply the clicking should do the job.
I’m sure these loose ends will get sorted out eventually.

The current auto unpause is adding a lot of garbage. It could be great probably with idle action and state for planes, by auto unpause only when all ships are busy or idle, by showing idle state in menu list of planes.

They also need a fix a synch problem between selection in plane menu and next/prev plane button.

Focus on a PP base by rotating the globe is tedious, bases need a menu like planes.

You mean filters, but yes filters and sorts.

Select a Manticore by clicking on it works, but not that well, you need rotate the globle to have close to a perpendicular angle.

It is really missing an option to have the plane list menu already open, open and click is tedious.

And great would be to allow define planes squadrons, for players using teams of 8, Anu plane is ridiculously slow and close to pointless.