Make the mist more of an active entity

It’d be nice if as the game progresses the alien mist grow in power and ability. By way of examples, it could:

  • Become more effective at obscuring vision
  • Spread further or quicker
  • Take longer to dissipate
  • Induce more loss of will in human force
  • Have the ability to reduce or redirect the movement of those within it
  • Consciously start to follow human forces (this in particular would be great to see) :slight_smile:
  • Prevent humans from hearing anything outside/within it
  • Develop an ability to corrode armour

Add some bonuses for aliens. :wink:

Oh that would be cool - maybe as it evolves, there’s a chance of humans entering getting turned around? On their next turn, they have the option to “Exit Mist”, but they come out at a random point on the edge of the cloud?