Give Spawnery Mist Generator

Make it a bit more active, and protect itself after first shot… mist would be best as it would give position to every Pandoran in area that there is somebody killing it… its way too easy to get close unseen and just kill it right now…

If you’re close enough for mist emitted after your first shot to affect you the spawnery is effectively already dead. Rather than after the first shot what if it were to emit the mist when you first enter its perception range. Then you couldn’t get close without being detected.

yeah, thats sounds better.

Mist? It’s weapon for the sissy. Let see hard men way of life instead. I’d suggest give Spawnery RF, and the Scylla cannon should do the trick. This is for real tough men, not some cosmetic mist.

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With what? Eggs?

Nice idea they should RF bomb eggs.

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I like that joke. :slightly_smiling_face: But I think mist released in range of 10 squares would be enough. :wink:

In range of 10 squares so one more lead to longer range versus shorter range. No thanks.

Goo, please :spider_web:

Yeah egg goo that reduce AP and that smell ugly to try disturb player, ok for game of future generating odors.