Make a change: Mist Foggers for upping Pandorans Nest, Lair and Citadel defences against player and more variety on the battlefield

So currently every Nest is the same. Most missions are pretty repetitive.

To adress that Pandorans will be building Mist Foggers around their structures like nests, lairs, and citadels. These very unpleasant buildings attached to nests, lairs and citadels will give some nasty effects for specific places or areas.

Like for exaple:

One Mist Fogger would give -50% of Will points to player

Another -20% of movement points

Another one - 25% of strength points

Another - 100 HP for assault class soldiers

To whole squads.

Mist Foggers could be used by Pandoran also around the globe giving area of effects for large swaths of the globe. IT could be displayed similarly like Satellite Uplink only for Pandorans. Some different collor or some UI would be needed.

This could open up massive changes for missions depending what Mist Foggers would be giving you to breathe in so to speak.

Pandorans will be more annoying to deal with and will make more variety for missions. Some of them would be needed to be played with limited movement, some without percepitons, some without sepcific class of soldiers. There are plenty of ways to make missions more unique by this. It will not solve all problems but it could be a step in right direction. We need nests that are not the same as 99 other nests. The same with other missions. Why all haven defences need to have the same rules as other 99 haven invasions. Make them more unique. Some harder than others.
Nests should have levels as well displayed on the globe or UI. Some nests would be unapproachable without best squads. Currently you can play with rookies there 99 % of the times.