Make a change: Make Nests great again

Every nest I do is mostly the same. Run to the flowery thing and shoot. Like I’ve done 15 nests already and still probably need to destroy 25 of them to finish my campaign. I already know with 99% certainty that the next nests will be the same stuff. Why is this so? Why nobody put a time to create these in a way that you wouldn’t know what to expect and they would be needed to be done differently? This actually would convince me that playing next 20 Nests mission will be more interesting and unexpected. Why put a rule that Hatching Sentinel had to be destroyed in all Nests the same. These makes them too predictable. We have a map that is not fully utilized only because someone put a rule that Nest are with Hatching Sentinels only.

Like you need to do more different nests than more of them only. I don’t want 30 exact same nests. This map is awesome. Its potential is wasted currently. Do Mist Foggers and force me to play each nest in a different way. Or at least so it would not feel repetitive.

Make different levels of nests, so one would be much harder than the other. You would not be able to attack all of them with basically any squad. You would need to choose and possibly leave stronger ones undisturbed.

Do 10% spawns with each soldier on different corrner of the nest. Probably these would have more eggs but less enemies. Finding balance would be needed.

Change egg mechanic. They need to awake based on you shooting an egg next to that egg and on greater distances. They need to awake rarely on their own and do their thing on your turn. They need to appear in clusters. This is mostly not milked mechanic. Do preparing thing rarely not always. They need to not awake always when you move next to them in a way that you can always predict and plan. Do that if your soldier is next to an egg it has 50% to come out and mindfragged you, 50% to prepare. When 2 tile 1%. With 3 or 4 0,01%. It would introduce risk / reward and unpredictability. You would need to go inside the nest and risk these things awaken all at once behind your back. But it would happen only from time to time. Make that shooting any sentinel would have 2-3% (or lower because we need to include bursts) risk of awakening eggs in random numbers on the map between 10%-100%. No like is now when they’re preparing and you know. It’s too safe… Make it more nasty but only sometimes. It would induce fear in players. We need fear not safety here. And now it’s the safest mission in the game.

Make upgraded worms appear sometimes which explode and do their thing (poison, acid, shock, etc) but on death in radius 4x4. Make so they’d do some melee damage and not explode on their own. Like you need to take them down from distance and not club them to death every time.

Make nest variant with massive amounts of eggs.

Make nest variant with civilians with mind fraggers already on and you’re rescuing them to the exit.

Make nest variant where you spawn in different corrnes.

Make nest variant with terror sentinels and mist sentinels.

Make nest variant when you spawn in the center and trying to get out.

Make nest variant with goo spawning.

Make nest variant affected by different Mist Foggers affecting one specific game mechanic, like you lose proficiency for certain weapons, forcing certain weapons, reducing significanlty certain abilities, reducing perception by 80%, reducing movement by 50%, reducing wearing cappacity by 75%.

Only please don’t make me play one variant 30 times in a campaign like I currently do.

Hundreds of them we can brainstorm and choose the best ones. This is not very hard to do. We can make Nests great again.

Yes, like the nest is built on the power plant and your standard issue round is AP, which would rupture the cooling and cause the plant to explode, so flame throwers only!!!