Make a change: Corrupted havens spawning after falling to pandorans

You can vote in link above if you like my proposal.

Here is what I proposed to developers.


Make so that if pandorans invade successfully haven, there is 25% chance to respawn as corrupted haven. This would be scavenging mission on fallen haven type map.

Make it so that it spawns with faction soldiers with mindfraggers on in pandoran side. Make the mindfraggers with 500 health as sort of more permanent type. They have them on so long so now they’re more hard to take off.

Spawn mist sentinels as well as Hatching Sentinel with a lot, I mean a lot of eggs on the map as well as some pandorans.

Make crates as usual. Make goo everywhere.

Make giant scylla egg. If corrupted haven is not destroyed it turns into citadel later on the globe.

If giant egg is not destroyed corrupted haven stays on the globe so player could repeatedly raid corrupted haven but at risk of turning into citadel. Make this mission difficult so raiding would be a challange and a risk.

It would add differrent mission type to gain recources. Currently we have 2 mission types to do that. You can raid faction itself and you have scavenging sites. This would be a third so the first two could be adjusted in terms of frequency.

We could also see faction soldiers with permanent mindfraggers (500HP) on different missions with pandorans (in bases, in HD, nests etc.). They could supplement pandorans forces.