Mac OS Slow Graphics


First post, just downloaded and tried playing the game on iMac, and having some issues. Would appreciate some feedback.

My iMac meets the specs, except it doesn’t have the listed graphics processor;
iMac Retina 4K 21.5"
3.1 Ghz i5 Processor
16GB Ram
Intel Iris Pro 6200 1536mb Graphics processor.

I have dialed down the resolution to about 1/2 up he scale, 1920x1080 and the graphics are stil lso laggy and jerkly, I cannot really interact with the program.

Any advice? I’d really like to experience the game so far and try to provide helpful feedback where I can.


Hey Kai,
That graphics card won’t do for most games, only dedicated graphics will work well. This game also lists minimum requirements to be dedicated graphics cards. I have just made a post about my experience using E-GPU (External graphics card using Thunderbolt 3 port) and it works really great with this game so far. I would recommend you get one for your iMac if you’re serious about gaming on it.


Thanks for the reply.

Can you explain how you did that & how your system is setup to use the external graphics card?

I did find a way to make it work. What I found was that if I select a lower resolution and made it play in a window, I can enlarge the window and it will run just fine.

There is a sweet spot though, that if you raise hte resolution too high, the game just shudders to a halt and is unplayable.

Thanks for your input!

Have a good read here from Apple themselves:

And then here:

Awesome, thanks!