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First time poster. I finally picked up my copy of Phoenix Point, and have been enjoying it. However, one major concern I have is even at the early / mid levels I’m seeing massive performance issues on my Mac. I’m running an iMac Pro (3 GHz 10-Core Intel Xeon W) with 64 GB 2666 MHz DDR4 and the built in Radeon Pro Vega 56 8 GB. I’m getting a lot of flip book movie situations that are really frustrating. I’m having to play on Low to have reasonable frame rates.


Interesting data point, it looks particularly bad on the first Pure mission. After beating that mission I’m seeing better performance in regular scavenging missions

Yes I have a high end Mac as well and the lag issues on some maps make them unplayable, also when you log out you get the error screen every single time, I did report it and send images but nothing has been done to fix it, I don’t think they actually care about that one, but there is something fundamentally wrong on may levels with this game in the mac as well as the PC versions. I am at a loss as to why they still let out DLC when the game itself is still bug riddled. Also the balancing is still not right, they go form one extreme to the other, first it is to easy then it is to hard now the acid burns a hole to the core of the earth and just gets stronger… I mean seriously… But the MAC systems don’t seem to have any priority here. If I could get just one bug fix for the mac it would be the dam lag on the Anu and Sydrion maps they truly suck to the point of unplayable.

I have the same performance issues on a Macbook pro 15inch 2018…
pretty annoying

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I am sure it has something to do with the 3D modeling of the glass in the Syedrion maps, this is the only map that is unplayable and takes over half an hour on a simple mission… Anyway, the Anu has a little lag but not as bad, the other maps are perfect no issues, so it is the Syedrions… there needs to be a way to disable the glass in the graphic settings. I would be happy for them to turn the glass off completely or just use normal glass like the other maps. The map that is just super painful is map with all the glass domes shaped like balls the computer does about one frame per 5 seconds and if you try to select a rocket it goes off immediately as it does with grenades. If you try to jump it just randomly flies off in the opposite direction. I try to avoid these maps as much as possible but unfortunately I want their sniper parallelizing guns so I need to work with them till this point then I ignore them completely. However I would one day like to be able to play it normally…