Low *Willpower mechanics* Matter

Low Willpower mechanics Matter

(At low Will, reduce accuracy)
With decreasing Will, Damage decreases.

  1. As a counterbalance in a system where there are skills “+% to damage”.
  2. Introduces a coordinate system for the “delicate balance” of Willpower Mechanics.
    (from -50% … 0 … + 50%, + 100%, up to +150% ???)
    (the first example - the “Recover” skill will become Relevant …)

10% - 50% damage penalty when :

  • a) from 50% WP to 10% WP (1WP min.) (at 10% WP = -50% of damage)
    (“low willpower” will matter even with a high max WP)

  • b) from 5WP to 1WP, (at 1WP = -50% of damage)
    max 10WP per soldier (in parameters) (exception for special armor, mutations, skills) + superwill (old mechanic from bb3 - lilac willpower points).

at 0WP, panic + rng phobia occurs, when coming out of panic + 1WP (depending on the phobia)


sub topic
And what if 75,100,150% of damage is converted into a cretic strike (with a chance of crit). Then you can justify the rare and deadly shot from the shotgun and the super-efficiency of the single-shot weapons.

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As an answer to “questions”:

Idea is fine except it won’t work with current values. Soldiers start with too low WP to split it with quartiles.

And it would heavily influence usage of skills. In other words penalties for using a skill combination would be too punishing in my opinion. Maybe if there penalties would get tweaked…? I can’t get second thought to it right now.

If you want to impose a direct penalty, an accuracy bonus would probably work better; fully focused they shot really accurately but after running around the map, supporting team mates, taking snap shots etc. they are less accurate. Doing less damage when it’s the same ammunition being fired at the same velocity by the same gun doesn’t seem to be a will issue.

My suggestion was to impose an indirect penalty so that maybe becoming panicked in the game would result in long term penalties to the character rather than affecting combat performance. It was more about balancing ‘terminator’ builds (even single class soldiers become too powerful with maxed stats and skills) by putting a long term ‘negative’ skill or injury in play. Plus an insanity mechanic would be in keeping with the story line and the whole call of cthulhu vibe the game has.

You don’t have to answer right away, just try to keep it in mind.
And what if it’s a global mod or option for a Hero / Legend,
and let the values be -50%, -25%, -10% at 1, 2, 3WP? ( at 3WP = -10% of damage )

At the moment, the accuracy system in the game - Imo is broken but works. It also does not combine well with the skills “% to damage” in a game where there is “honest ballistics”.
In any case, you need a person who will build a systematic approach, checking with the mechanics of “how it will work in reality”.

min-max Accuracy - Weapons (accuracy limit for shotgun and Hell II)
min-max Accuracy - Skill (broken skills - imo)
in total for the Character at the moment - within the framework of the Credibility