Limiting Willpower

Although I enjoy having a giant pool of WP with which to spam abilities as much as the next guy, it really seems rather silly for soldiers to have no upper limit on their WP. I think some WP over base is fine to represent the morale boost from winning, but it really ought to cap out at some maximum value, like 125% of WP stat. This could even motivate a new perk, something like “exceptional confidence” that increases the WP cap.


Another/extra thing on top could be will depleting one per turn when overcharged until it reaches max.

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Use it or lose it. I like it.

NO… I like it, if you don’t want to have more just don’t use it… SIMPLE!

It is not about using or not. It gives player too much power. You can also use cheat code and have 100,000 HP, but it wouldn’t be fun. The same is with Willpoints.

See you proved my point! YOU can use the cheat code but you don’t! So WHY use the WP when you don’t have to… your argument exactly! It is there just need self control…:slight_smile:

? Yes, but when you use a cheat code you know it is outside of game’s core rules.

Based on you posting about it in every relevant thread and providing no argument of substance and making no sense, I assume you are trolling at this point. Bye. Won’t be feeding you anymore.

I am board with this topic now!!! Seriously I was just trying to state my view no “TROLLING” involved here! The argument was very simple, sorry you did it get it! It is this: “I LIKE IT THE WAY IT IS” simple! if others don’t then FINE! just don’t use it… How hard was that? So HOW do you get trolling from that?

argument /ˈɑːɡjʊm(ə)nt/

a reason or set of reasons given in support of an idea, action or theory.

“there is a strong argument for submitting a formal appeal”

reasoning, line of reasoning, logic, case, defence

Well, you are not making an argument for one. Actually the opposite, you acknowlegded similarity between dash and cheats, and you never explained how dash makes the game interesting, but you do insist for people to create their own limitations. You do recognise that dash is an overpowered ability.

You don’t argue in favour of dash, you argue that the game should be kept unbalanced, with the only argument you cite is that you like it. That’s a weak point to make. It’s like being opposed to a bug, because you find it amusing. Sure, spinning head in New Vegas was amusing, but it did contribute negatively to what the game was striving to be.

We backed a tactics/strategy game, not Goat simulator.

It is also a well documented pattern that whenever something is nerfed some players will rebel. However, it is far worse to leave the game broken. That is why it’s important to balance the game much as possible now, before the game is released.

Do you work for Phoenix point? And whats with the thesaurus explanations? I don’t need my comments dissected word for word! It was a simple statement… FFS? DASH makes the game interesting for me because I hate computer games cheating with ridiculous odds, this evens the field! So until it is balanced it needs this added bonus, it is that simple! If they fix it then maybe? Cheats well are just cheats what else can I say! Dash may be an over powered ability but at present the game is so out of balance that you need this to keep is interesting or is is just plain frustrating and life is hard enough without it! I play to feel good not to get pissed off! Also your Spinning head NOT FUNNY! sorry and a rather rude inference at that!