High willpower for enemy

The enemy has insane willpower. Essentially I need to kill all save one or two stragglers, at which point their morale breaks. Even the grunts have over 20 willpower. I’m playing no normal/veteran.

well, while it seem a lot in the begining, killing a siren lower it by 7 - 8, killing a scylla buy 10 to 15 (still don’t understand what make a scylla kill value different will points).

If the ennemy had lower will point the’ll insta panick for not muchj pretty every turn as long as you keep killing one or two of them :x

You can dramatically lower the will point by blowing their head off

Historically, that was done to kill people.

well someone both crab men and humans alike have evolved to function without functional heads in the Phoenix Point world, and hey, if you have a tech priest or whatever they are called they can even fix non-functional heads in the heat of combat.

They made accuracy way too high, so they got too many headshots and cover is useless. Their answer: crank up HP, and make head shots totally pointless.

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