Loved Synedrion mission 3

That mission where you attack the pirate kings base and take it over was awesome. I’ve yet to get a chance to defend one of my own bases, but knocking someone else out of one of these was pretty fun.

I started off with my snipers knocking off some arms of the few guys i could see down the long hallway, everyone else i pushed in and to the first room on the left, set up a big overwatch area here that didn’t really work. The AI just nudged its guy up to the corner and took shots one at a time while my snipers whittled down anyone who stayed in the open at the end of the AI turn. On my turn two i pushed my guys in and my shotgun toting assaults went to town.

Kind of wish some of them had hung back, the base looks amazing and it’d be fun to actually fight my way through it rather than a cluster at the entrance. Still it was fun, and a nice change from the haven defenses or grabbing loot from destroyed city maps.

In my playthrough closer to the end of this mission the Pirate King himself used his rocket backpack to fly an land in the middle of my sniper position. Of course his arms were shot the next turn, but still that move of desperation looked pretty impressive! :skull_and_crossbones: