Ambush mission that was fun

OK so I understand how ambush missions are tedious. i would like some more variety of how they work apart from being a regular combat mission and then escape. most of the times when I do ambush missions I end up kill the entire map then walking to the escape area while taking pot shots at the few reinforcements that spawn along the way.

This ambush mission was different:

ok so the frame the story i have roughly 3 teams flying around,
my A team is going to steal research from Synedrion,

my mess of low end fighters are training/protecting the Phoenix base.

there is quite a few point of interests i have not explored yet that are close by to my base. i have a manticore that is not in use so I find the three highest level soldiers among the rable ( a level 4 technician, a level 6 technician/sniper, and a level 7 heavies with large amounts of AOE.) Since i have three vehicles in base i though i might as well use one. i give them a scarab and send them to scout the point of interest.

the main purpose was for them to identify the point and if possible solve the problems with out doing a full mission.

The first point the find they get ambushed. at this point i hated ambush missions so i generally reload a save to avoid them. but seeing as i haven’t really focused on hybridizing soldiers that much i wanted to test my technician/sniper.

I start the mission like a regular ambush, a siren is in full view so i focus fire it enough so its tail is disabled and it getting set on fire with an incendiary grenade. left it to die. my techs throw down two turrets and that helps cover the flanks while the scarab missiles any cluster of crab men it can see.

as i’m under manned it a slightly challenging fight but not much to write home about, as i have a anti armor weapons on all except the heavy who has a grenade launcher.

on the turn the escape location is revealed 16 pandorians reinforce. all from the same side, i don’t know about the rest of you but i havn’t seen this many reinforcing in an ambush mission before.

just seeing a wave of heavy crabmen and elite tritons entering the battle ratched this up to 11

and then a hidden crabman who did not have a red signal pops up and grenades my techs , one is crippled in the leg. panic ensues. the crippled tech can’t get far and they can’t reach the scarab. The heavy is trying the delay the closest pandirians with missiles and incinerates. the other tech runs to the cripples to heal his leg. the turrets open up on the pandorians. then 8 more pandirains reinforce.

after the crippled is healed there is no way for my troops to escape on foot so they all pile into the scarab and take off leaving the turrets behind firing at the wave of mutants.

the scarab round the corner to find a hidden chiron, using its last shot to detonate a cluster of barrels next to it and crippling it. the scarab then drives past it and escapes.

this was a fun mission as this actually felt like an ambush that was a threat, the others just felt like basic combat where if someone dies its due to stupidity. i got all of the soldiers out by the skin of my teeth avoiding certain death.


Do we get experience / SPs for surviving an ambush? I remember the “Your forces have survived an ambush” Message, but don’t remember if there was any XP/SP screen.