Soldier dialog?


I tried the game, but I find it a bit empty at the level of audio atmosphere…
no audio dialogue scheduled?

otherwise the rest is promising!

Come on, come on!!!

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, this is a pre-alpha test platform. You shouldn’t expect whistles and bells at this stage.

The game is nowhere near finished at this stage. Lots of stuff is missing. Sound isn’t generally completed until towards the end.

But don’t expect that soldiers will chat during missions. At least not during random generated. Maybe in some which push the story further or are heavily connected to lore. But who knows.

Okay, thank you so much.
Obviously the game is not over.
but dialogues once the game is complete are it planned?

Last information was that soldiers won’t have any vocals with exception of some briefing at the start of the mission - I don’t suppose it will change without delaying the release.

There will be the usual soldier “barks” in mission - similar to XCOM.

As for anything more than that, it is currently undecided but we are looking at options.

This is good, I like this feature a lot in spite of it’s being repetitive.

It’s a weird balancing act. Too short and it’s nonsensical, too long and it feels repetitive fast. Too generic and it gets boring, too obvious and you want to murder your own soldiers with your bare hands.

Special mention for “Pokemon barks” where the unit always say their own name when you click on them. Total War Warhammer felt especially silly with this. On one hand, it’s useful in case you click on the wrong unit. On the other, it feels so damned unnatural that it always gets on my nerve after an extended playing session.

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