Developer Q&A with Sound Designer, Simeon Dotkov - July 3rd


After the great reception of our previous Q&A session with game designer, Hristo Petkov, we’re holding another.

This time you will be able to ask your questions to our sound designer and in-house composer, Simeon Dotkov (“Mokushi”).

So, if you have any questions specifically about the music and sound design of Phoenix Point, or working on sound design in the gaming industry, please leave your questions in the comments below.

The Q&A will be uploaded to YouTube and Facebook at 1pm PDT on July 3rd.

We’ll be collecting questions approximately two weeks from the date of this post.


Do you plan to introduce other voice languages? I mean more like soldier barks, maybe not necessarily story telling?


What were the inspirations for the Pandoran sounds and language? How were they created?

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If you would make specific songs themes for each faction, own they would be?

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Is there a different sound for footsteps of a stealthy unit vs non-stealthy?

Can we have a sound as an “indicator” if the opponent has spotted us or is alerted?

Edit: I think some sound might already be there. But I’m not sure, because I obviously didn’t really notice it.

I wouldn’t implement that. Imagine now that your every soldier get spotted and you have that sound playing every few seconds. :smiley:

Maybe only for the first time.

I’d like to second this question… haven’t played Phoenix Point since its initial release but my perennial bug bear with games that feature the whole ‘soldiers gathered from across the world’ trope is that those soldiers are nearly always mostly white men! I’d argue that’s just not OK for game design in 2020 but, even if you think I’m being overly PC, surely it’s pretty non-immersive to have soldiers that don’t better reflect the diversity of humanity in such a set up? So a few more soldier barks in a greater variety of languages and accents would be welcome (and surely not so hard?) Ta! :slight_smile: