List of bugs on my playthrough

Description Category
It in containment view missing blaster hands on captured scilla Bug
Overwatch is not triggered by jet jump Bug
No WP restored while mist is consumed (Breathe mist abitilty) Bug
Paralyzed enemies can detect infiltrators and break master marksman Bug
Sometimes levels has no shadows after restart Bug
Frenzy doesn’t work on Mutog Bug
Flamethrower sometimes doesn’t ignite target while visually showing what he can. Bug
Psychic ward range is way more that 10 cells. Bug
Aspida sometimes stop producing sounds. Sometimes after collision with environment in Lair. Bug
Aspida has no damage diagram with lost “limbs” in battle. Bug
Multiple splider drones go in one direction (nearest enemy in fog of war). Contrary to the description, they are not trying to scout. Design flaw
Stimulator’s frenzy lasts on 2 rounds (is it ok for consumable for such price?) Design flaw
Can’t reload turret while not in battle Design flaw
Aspida is not goo immune (while it is hovercraft) Design flaw
Manual control on Aspida do nothing (shoud be unavailable?) Design flaw
Worms provide detection and vision (they are smart enough to identify infiltrator?) Design flaw
Armor is not class bound. You can wear any armor on any class, some armor is useless in this case. Design flaw
Deployed turrets are lost on mission failure (due objective destruction, for example). No chance to save it. Design flaw
You can start “Steal tech” while no stealable tech available. The result is empty effort. (Should this option be blocked?) Design flaw
There is no counter-attack in second phase of “Steal aircraft” mission so objective “defend X turns” are pointless. Design flaw
Destiny 3 ammunition purchase is bugged (should be a clip purchase?). Also targeting is weird for direct weapon. Design flaw
Psychic ward icon is not stacking. Multiple icons from multiple priests are present. (Does effect stacks?) Design flaw
Manual control should select controlled turret on use (now it is returns to caster) Improvement
Human abilities are not limb dependent (while Pandorans are) Improvement
Allow shift+click to buy 10/100 resources per click or scale amount with rapid-clicking Improvement
Mist repeller buildings are not stacking (disallow build more that one) Improvement
Medikit doesn’t threat paralyze (Does anything even cure it?) Improvement
Picked up turret are placed in backpack, while it is more practical to place them in free hands. Improvement
Civilians rescue gives nothing (not even WP) while lose gives WP penalty. Improvement
Reloading turret discards all current ammo in turret. (Should it place all leftovers in backpack?) Improvement
Aspida has “new jeriko turret” Typo