Liberty or Death and The Master's Tools

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Just putting together a FAQ of all the research and missions in the standard game. Been going through a VAST amount of Youtube videos to attempt to find as much as I can.

For Phoenix I’ve got the missions mapped out:

  1. Research The Phoenix Archives. May also need to research Haven Recruitment Protocols.
  2. Complete “The Symes Retreat” mission
  3. Head to “Rise By Sin, By Virtue Fall” location
  4. Complete “Prisoner of Ice” mission
  5. Research “Pandora Virus”
  6. Head to Time Vault
  7. Research “Antediluvian Protocivilization”
  8. Complete “Seeking Dr. Symes” mission
  9. Complete “To Antarctica” mission
  10. Research “Virophage Weapons”
  11. Research “Yuggothian Entity”
  12. Research “Yuggothian Receptacle”
  13. Research “Virophage Injector”
  14. Complete “The Last Resort” mission

For Synedrion, it was looking like:

  1. Complete “Enter Synedrion, Stage Left” mission
  2. Research Synedrion
  3. Complete “The Man Who Would Be Pirate King” mission.
  4. Complete “Black Ops” mission.
  5. Complete “The Real Virus” mission
  6. Research “Yuggothian Entity”
  7. Research “Yuggothian Receptacle”
  8. Research “Moon Mission Preparation”
  9. Complete “Moonshot” mission (Optional)
  10. Research “Project Liberation”
  11. Complete “The Master’s Tools” mission

But then on watching through another person’s play through theirs went like:

  1. Complete “Enter Synedrion, Stage Left” mission
  2. Research Synedrion
  3. Complete “The Man Who Would Be Pirate King” mission.
  4. Complete “Black Ops” mission.
  5. Research “Yuggothian Entity”
  6. Research “Yuggothian Receptacle”
  7. Research “Moon Mission Preparation”
  8. Complete “Moonshot” mission (Optional)
  9. Research “Moon Data Analysis”
  10. Complete “Liberty or Death” mission

Now I’m only assuming that Liberty or Death was the final mission in that play through as their next video was of the battle against the Yuggothian Receptacle after getting the mission. Though it was looking like a side quest on the objective list.

So does the Synedrion side of the game branch based on decisions and go in a different path, or is the Liberty or Death mission just a side mission? Not been able to find any information on it all. Hell, finding any information on the path of a playthrough has been very difficult with no guides anywhere or a list even. Hence why I decided to put a FAQ together.

If I’m missing some steps in the above anywhere feel free to let me know. Got Disciples of Anu completely worked out. New Jericho, I’ve yet to find out of what happens in between “Phase Two” and
researching “Command Fortress”.

Synedrion has 2 endings.

Which depends on?

@pantolomin can you answer? I don’t have it described.

On a side note, I’ve uploaded what I was able to find out to, and if it gets approved, will be the first Phoenix Point FAQ on the site.

Got most of the objectives (given throughout the game) listed, majority of the missions for all factions + the independents, majority of the research (some I couldn’t find details on, in all the Youtube videos I watched), and the path to go with all of the factions with the needed research to do and missions to complete listed.

It’s not 100% complete, as some things I couldn’t find info on anywhere at all. So I’d say about 90%.

I couldn’t find all the info on these research topics:

Advanced Shredding Technology
Advanced Viral Weapons
Pandora Key
Pandora Virus Infection
Psychic Influences
Shredding Technology

“All info” being the pre-reqs, exactly what you get out of researching it, and the knock on new things you can research from it.

I think it depends on which fraction in Synedrion you support in dialog, terraformers or other ones (mist repeller fraction).

Are you aware someone made an interesting tech-tree diagram ?

Yes I am aware. That’s been up for a few weeks. That one was more in a raw format. This was my own attempt at it. Also my one covers far more than research.

And the FAQ is now up:

Note that I did not call it “FAQ”. They for some odd reason put the name of it as that, even though in the file itself it’s clearly titled.

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Here are the dependencies for each story (made before blood and titanium):!AtHhKpFtfXhYiTeR2-C4fiDfVEi4

Spoilers of course