Let's talk about Pandoran Palace (Final mission)

Pandoran Palace mission,

you have to play it in order to win the game, but I don’t like it.

Without different levels, also underground level, corridors, a better map, like new Citadels, and improved enemies deployment the mission is irrelevant and boring.

I didn’t use Rally, Adrenaline Rush, RB for Snipers, Electric Reinforcement.

I used RB for Cannons and Deceptor MG, Mind Crush a few times (first Wall), RC in a reasonable way, mounted weapons and Turrets (I know OP), War Cry is very useful

Mark of the Void is not a problem, even with the bug (I brought a Priest this time)

what do you think?

This is the link to my YT channel: https://youtu.be/J-KGdyVL02s


I agree 100%.

The shortcomings of this mission become more and more evident as the game, and general mission types improve.

Reworking it is probably not a top priority for the devs right now (after all, this is content that many players don’t even get to experience), but I wonder if there is anybody who likes it the way it is now and, if so, why?