Legendary Doom: It Just Isn't Fun

Well, I made it to the start of February on legendary. But suddenly hit a solid Pandoran wall. The 50 point machine guns + return fire when they close on you, and sirens doing two mind controls per turn, is just overwhelming. I managed it before, but I toss in the towel this time; it’s just no fun slaughtered every mission now. And let’s not talk about lairs.

I had so looked forward to this game, but I must be missing something in my tactics because there just is no way around a haven defense with 14+ Pandorans on a small Synedrion map, where turn one I have to dash to save 4 or 5 civilians or they are slaughtered turn one and my team then panics. But then the Pandorans are on top of me and there is no avoiding the return fire since map edge is less than 13 hexes from them.

No, not everyone is level 7. No one is; two are level 1 and the rest 4-5.

I can’t say I like the DLC. Is it just me who finds slicing off someone’s head beyond dumb writing? Why couldn’t the augmentations have been things added to instead of replacements?

Ah well, so much for a month holidays playing this.

What would be nice? Commentaries from the design team on how THEY play these missions and how it is they think they are balanced. (Not that I’ll hold my breath on that one.)

D. T.

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